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Commission Status: Closed
Waitlist Status: Closed

Commission info

WHAT I WILL DOㅤ Indoor spacesㅤ Full scratch assetsㅤ Real life referencesㅤ Existing IP references

COSTS EXTRAㅤ Outdoor spacesㅤ Quest Compatibleㅤ NSFW, horror, etcㅤ Requires a deadlineㅤ Added technicality

Terms of Service

ㅤ Please be patientㅤ I reserve the right to refuse a request or commission for any reason. If I am unable to complete a commission, a full refund will be offeredㅤ I require reference imagesㅤ All commissions are delivered via Google Drive Link to a .zip and/or uploaded directly to your VRChat accountㅤ Priority order for commissions is determined by the time the commission is accepted and the deposit has been paidㅤ If you have a deadline for the commission, please let me know upfront (additional charges may apply)ㅤ It will take around 1 - 10 weeks for me to finish your commission from the day final payment is received, based on the level of detail in the worldㅤ I will post my commission progress to my Trello as I progress
Sam Commission Trello Link
ㅤ I am more of a design based creator vs technical creator, if you're wanting something technical in addition to standard VRChat fixtures (pens, mirrors, etc) it is not my specialty but I will do my best (additional charges apply)

ㅤ Assets used in commissions will be made from scratch by me in Blender unless otherwise specified. Some assets may be made for prior builds, and all assets used within the world will go into my asset bank unless requested prior to payment

ㅤ The world will require my credits (usually at spawn), these will only appear when approached and not be disruptive to the overall space

ㅤ Commissions and all scratch assets are not for resale

Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries via my Discord Server > #create-a-ticket!


Starting price: currently $4000.00 USD

PAYMENT PROCESSㅤ Once your commission has been accepted and the final pricing has been agreed upon, you will be invoiced for either:
A) Final agreed upon price of the commission, if work will begin at that time
B) A deposit, if you will be on the wait list and billed at the start of commission (Deposit amount subtracted from final price)
ㅤ Once the payment is recieved, you will be placed in queueNOTESThe price depends on the requirements of the buildㅤSkyboxes are included free of charge with an interior buildㅤMore complex exterior/outdoor scenes for an interior commission will be charged based on complexity

Personal Worlds

Commission Worlds

How to order

1.)ㅤSubmit your request through my Google Form "~Sam VRChat custom world commissions Google Form". The form will be closed when I am not accepting entries.

2.)ㅤAfter the Google Form has been completed, open a ticket via my Discord Server > #create-a-ticket. I will respond to you and let you know whether or not I am willing to accept your commission.
Commissions may be turned down for any reason, however it's usually because I am not confident in my skills to fulfill your request. Please don't take this personally!
3.) ㅤWe'll go over the commission details4.)ㅤI will price the cost around the size and complexity of what you ask for. For some complex commissions, such as large builds, outdoor landscapes, etc, I will make a rough layout first and quote according to that layout5.)ㅤOnce we agree on a price, I will send an invoice to you6.)ㅤThe final world will be sent to you through a Google Drive link via email and/or uploaded to your VRChat account directlyPRODUCTION PROCESSOnce I start your commission:1.)ㅤI may send you a rough blueprint if one is not provided to confirm the floorplan2.)ㅤI'll prototype the rough layout of the world (foundational structure, basic walls, etc)3.)ㅤAfter the layout prototype is complete, I will ask you to confirm with a world test if you'd like to make any changes, there is no additional charge. Once you approve the layout prototype, change requests will have an additional fee. This is because after this step, redoing additional changes to the world will require a significant amount of rework4.)ㅤI'll make any requested changes, and finish modelling the world5.)ㅤOnce modelling is complete, I'll start texturing in Blender/Substance Painter6.)ㅤAnother chance to confirm if any adjustments are needed with a world test7.)ㅤThen I'll start on making the world VRC Ready8.)ㅤConfirm all options with a world test9.)ㅤMake any needed bug fixes10.)ㅤUpload to VRChat account and/or send over Unity Package

About the wait list

ㅤThere is a deposit required to join the waitlistㅤThe deposit is non-refundable, and the total goes directly towards the final commission costㅤOnce accepted I will let you know the estimated time to waitㅤI will contact you when it's your turnㅤOnce your turn, you will not be able to skip or postpone to rejoin the waitlist again

SamVRC EULA for Virtual Goods

Updated: 2023-09-09Acceptance: By buying or using Goods sold by SamVRC, you agree to this EULA.License: SamVRC grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for personal, non-commercial use in your projects.Restrictions: No resale, redistribution, or commercial use. No deceptive modification.Ownership: SamVRC owns all intellectual property rights for the Goods.Termination: SamVRC can terminate this EULA for non-compliance. You must then delete all copies of the Goods.Liability: SamVRC is not liable for any harm from using, misusing, or inability to use the Goods.Governing Law: Governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.Amendments: SamVRC can change this EULA at any time.